Will Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning kill off the Recruiter?

Written by: Shimron Equiano Since the 19th Century, the advancements in Technology have changed the world beyond all recognition – especially in the last 10 to 20 years. First, the automobile, then the aeroplane, then the personal computer, the smartphone, the electric / self-driving car; and now artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are […]

Multiple Vacancies

  We have a number of open vacancies dotted across the UK at the moment and it’s an exciting time to be alive at Jonothan Bosworth… Our clients are all reputable, dynamic businesses, looking to bring fresh talent to their ranks, and we are hoping that it could be you! Are you a Business Development […]


Is it us, or does the world and everybody in it expect things to be done ‘yesterday’? From what we understand, it has taken millions of years for our planet and the life that inhabits this place we call Earth to have evolved to the stage it’s at right now. Judging by the behaviour of some – […]

Degree Or Not Degree, That Is The Question…

UK Recruiters Question The Value Of A Degree A new study reveals how UK recruitment professionals are questioning the value of a degree in the current job market, with over half of those in the industry admitting that if they had their chance again, they would choose NOT to go to university. The research, conducted […]

The Secret Thoughts Of JobSeekers & Employers

Recruiting for today’s current in-demand positions gives everyone involved with the process the ‘heebee jeebees’.  Jobseekers suffer from spam, recruiters hate pestering people for a living, and ever-more-desperate employers wish they could just talk to some serious, intelligent people who know how to get the job done. These are just a couple of the secret […]