As we bring 2019 to a close…


…We have an opportunity to reflect on our year of highs, lows, challenges, successes and most importantly: our resilience, as we look forward to 2020, and beyond.

The political football that was ‘Brexit’ and the sometimes ‘shortage of talent’ in the market place has meant that recruiters have had to work ‘harder and smarter’ than in previous times – but this is a positive, as it gives both candidates and hiring managers the opportunity to separate the ‘real from the fake’.

Jonothan Bosworth has tirelessly aimed to deliver quality over quantity, speed over haste and cost with value-add.

As we now set our sights on 2020 and with  ‘growing by 300%’ the future will continue to be shaped by our own internal optimism.

The UK is still one of the economic powerhouses on the world stage,  and we intend on delivering high-level results for the entities that rely on us domestically; as we also look to forge new relations in new territories.

If you are a job-seeking candidate or a talent-seeking hiring manager/business owner, maybe give us a call…

…It could be the start of something special.


Merry Christmas!


Love from ‘The Jonothan Bosworth Team’

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